Ken is a rambunctious and independent three-year-old. He's a bundle of energy with a big smile and is prone to sudden bouts of silliness. Despite being the smallest and youngest of the group, Ken is determined to keep up with the bigger children. "I'm big!", he insists, ready to jump over the stream just like the rest of the crew. However, his small size does not allow him to succeed in all of his adventures. When it comes to Toborr, his sister, Ken is her biggest fan. She's the one Ken looks to for approval. Ken is the main protagonist. Voiced by Bryn McAuley


Ken is a small, young, imaginative, adventurous, rambunctious and independent 3 year old boy with short dirty blonde hair, rosy cheeks and blue eyes (similar to Lowly's eyes from The Busy World of Richard Scarry). He is seen in a green t-shirt with white stripes, blue jeans, white socks and red sneakers.