This is a list of PBS station IDs used from 1996-2008

This time period of 12 years involved 3 different "eras" of PBS station IDs. The first was from 1996-1998. The second one was from 1998-2002, and the third was from 2002-2008

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Station List

New Jersey Network (Now New Jersey TV): Local

WHYY in Philadelphia: Blue background, Local, Red Background

WITF in Harrisburg: Gymnastics

WLVT in Allentown: Blue Background, Green Background, Floating Objects, Red Background

WPTD in Dayton: Blue Background, Red Background

WLJT in Jackson (Tennessee): Green Background

WIPB in Muncie: Blue Background, Green Background

KLRU in Austin: Gymnastics

Alabama Public Television: Local

WSJK/WKOP in Sneedville/Knoxville: Blue Background

KSPS in Spokane: Blue Background

WFWA in Fort Wayne: Red Background, Blue Background, Green Background

WBGU in Bowling Green (Ohio): Blue Background

West Virginia Public Broadcasting: Blue Background

Louisiana Public Broadcasting: Blue Background, Green Background, Red Background

WKNO in Memphis: Local

WNEO/WEAO in Alliance/Akron: Local


Floating Objects

Themed like the 1996 PBS system cue, many floating objects appear on the screen. 



Themed like the 1998 system cue, many people fly out of what should be the PBS Logo, turn, and then go back in only to do the same thing again. 


Blue Background

A blue background is shown, with faded humans doing activites on it. 

Green Background

A green background is shown, with faded humans doing activites on it.    

Red Background

A red background is shown, with faded humans doing activites on it.