Make Way For Noddy is the TV Show


Season 1

  1. The Flower Theif / Googleberry Moon
  2. The Goblins and the Invisible Paint / Noddy the Rainbow Chaser
  3. Hold Onto Your Hat, Noddy! / Master Tubby's Chocolate Dream
  4. Noddy Helps Out / Noddy's Perfect Gift
  5. Dinah's Day Out / Mr Plod the Best Policeman / Noddy and the Voice of Plod
  6. Policeman For a Day / Noddy and the Magic Bagpipes / Noddy and the Broken Dishes
  7. Clockwork Mouse's Wish / Noddy and the Lost Tool
  8. Noddy and the Towering Flower / Master Tubby Goblin
  9. The Out of Control Tower / Noddy Builds a Rocket Ship
  10. Noddy Can Fix It / The Case of the Missing Ball
  11. Mr Sparks and the Broken Clock / Noddy's Family Tree
  12. Noddy Trough the Looking Glass / Bumpy Dog's Visit
  13. Noddy Loses His Bell / Bumpy's Dog Day / Shelf Help
  14. Goblins Above / The Tell Tale Bell
  15. Bicyle Battle / The Big Sneeze
  16. Mr Plod and the Jail Bird / Mr Plod in Jail
  17. Noddy Goes Camping / No Nap for Noddy
  18. Noddy's Lucky Day / Master Tubby's Name Game
  19. Up Up and Away / The Great Goblin Giveaway
  20. Skiddle in the Middle / Goblins Good Deed Day
  21. Noddy Saves Christmas

Season 2

  1. Noddy and the New Taxi / Good Neighbor Noddy
  2. The Listening Game / The Toy Town Parade
  3. Too Many Noddies / The Magic Eraser
  4. Noddy & the Bumper Monster / Noddy's Car Trouble
  5. The Balancing Art / Goblin's Stop Watch
  6. Toy Town's Winning Team / Noddy Gets Lost
  7. Bounce Alert in Toy Town / Martha Monkey's Banana Pie
  8. What Strange Weather / Forgive Me Not
  9. Noddy Needs Some Medicine / Miss Pink Cat's Country Adventure
  10. Noddy's Great Discovery / The Big Fib
  11. Noddy's Pet Chicken / Don't Be Late Noddy
  12. The Great Train Race / A Bike for Big Ears
  13. Catch a Falling Star / Noddy and the Big Chicken Roundup
  14. The Magic Powder / Don't Be Scared Noddy
  15. Noddy the Best Driver in the World / Just Be Yourself Noddy
  16. Mr Plod's Little Problem / Noddy and the Missing Muffins
  17. Noddy on the Move / Driving Miss Pink Cat
  18. Noddy and the Treasure Map / Noddy's Wake Up Call
  19. Lie Down Mr Wobbly Man / Fire Cheif Dinah
  20. Noddy's Special Treat / A Gray Day in Toyland
  21. A Suprise for Tessie Bear / Big Ears for a Day
  22. Noddy Has a Difficult Day / Noddy the Artist / Noddy's Clothes on the Lose
  23. Tickled Pink / Above it All
  24. Noddy Has a Visitor / Noddy and the Skittle
  25. Master Tubby's Oppisite Day / Noddy and the Criss Cross Cups
  26. Noddy's House of Cars / Noddy's Car Loses Its Voice
  27. The Great Goblin Switch / Noddy and the Naughty Box
  28. Noddy and the Magical Moon Dust