The Busy World of Richard Scarry is a TV Show



  1. The Best Spelling Bee Ever
  2. A Message in a Bottle
  3. Forget Bur Never Forgets
  4. The Best Christmas Present Ever
  5. Abe and Babe's Christmas Lesson
  6. Sally Cat's Christmas Dream
  7. The Seven Dwarfs and the Diamond Mine
  8. Sneef the Best Detective in Europe
  9. The Best Mistake Ever
  10. Sgt. Murphy's Day Off
  11. Schmudge the German Chimney Sweep
  12. Sleeping Car Adventure
  13. New Friend on the Block
  14. Coucous In Sahara
  15. Sgt. Murphy's Deputy
  16. The Busiest Firefighters Ever
  17. Manuel of Mexico
  18. The Biggest Catch Ever
  19. The Best Babysitter Ever
  20. Mario the Venetian Gondolier
  21. Mr. Raccoon's Different Day
  22. Sally's First Day at School
  23. Cucumber in Rockies
  24. The Biggest Storm Ever
  25. The Snowstorm
  26. Professor Dig and His Egyptian Mummy
  27. Dinah's Day Out
  28. The Best Birthday Present Ever
  29. Patrick Pig Learns to Talk
  30. Grouchy Mr. Gronkle
  31. The Best Birthday Party Ever
  32. Martha's First Book
  33. Locked Out
  34. Summer Picnic
  35. Glip and Glop the Greek Painters
  36. A Big New Class
  37. Mr. Frumble's New Cars
  38. Ernst and Heidi in the Alps
  39. Billy Dog's Bad Day
  40. The Talking Bread
  41. Rajah of India
  42. The Three Fishermen
  43. Now I Know My 123's
  44. Toof Trouble
  45. Santa Needs Help
  46. A Trip to the Moon
  47. Pip Pip Goes to London
  48. Huckle Gets a Job